Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Saturday

It has been a full day for me.. started out with a 2 mile walk with 2 of my favorite people. It was a glorious day in Texas.. the weather was relatively mild for an August day and by that I mean it was only in the 90's all day :) so I got the healthy stuff out of the way. What is it about walking with loved ones that helps to make the time go by faster? That 2 mile walk doesn't really feel like 2 miles when you are sharing in each others lives and keeping each other motivated! Then my silly boyfriend and I drove around for a while looking for a place to have "brunch" and ended up eating at a mexican food restaurant in Mesquite called Martinez. It was quite delicious. He actually had breakfast and since I'm not really into eggs I had a yummy chicken dish called Monterrey Chicken which is basically grilled chicken under melted cheese. Yummy! Then it was off to see the new batman movie "Dark Knight"! It was really good even though it was rather lengthy. After the movie he dropped me off at my place so he could go get some sleep before heading into work. :( Well since he was taking a nap I figured I'd do the same before heading to the hospital to visit a friend. zzzzzzzzz sleepy time! I love naps! After my nap I got up and headed to the hospital to visit my friend who is 7 months pregnant and on bedrest. She was having a rough time when I got there and God gave me the opportunity to sit with her and listen to her get some of her worries off her chest. We were able to pray together and then just spend some time hanging out. I firmly believe that the Lord places us where He needs us to be. For whatever reason I was put in this young woman's life I hope that I am doing the job He intended me to do.
I pray that my friend and the child she is caring continue to make progress and that the current health issues will be resolved. I pray that the child will be born healthy and whole and that my friend will learn to trust in God always but especially in the hours of her deepest need.
P.S. Now you know why my blog is called "Random Ramblings" :)

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