Monday, July 14, 2008

I've slipped

Ok... for those that don't know me and read this I'll give a little bit of background... up until January I had smoked a 1/2 to a pack of cigarettes a day. On January 13th I quit and up until last week I haven't had a single cigarette.. than came a really rough day and the desire for a cigarette was overwhelming... so I had one... and since then I have had one about every other night... and tonight I had 2... I feel so angry with myself and know that I have disappointed a lot of people who supported me during the process I went through to quit previously... so I am asking you all to pray for me and to help me to keep from smoking again full time.


Kathryn said...

Do NOT be angry with yourself...everyone slips. I did that just today.

Know that you are human! I am not disappointed in you.

In Christ, you can do anything! Don't get down on yourself...tomorrow is a new day.

I believe in you. You believe in God. So you will be able to overcome. Trust in Him, ask for help when you need it, and always know that you can start over. He forgives, so forgive yourself and start anew.

I am praying that your slips will bring you to solid ground!

Anonymous said...

Yep, was a lot easier for me to quit. But then I never bought a pack, just bummed one at a time and usually only when I went to the bar. Now that I am not drinking, I dont have the same temptation! But I pray for you! Pray for courage. Pray for strenth.