Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the old.. in with the new...

at least that's what they say... This year as I say good bye to 2009, I pause to reflect upon all that has happened over the past year. This year I said good-bye to the single life (something I thought I'd never do) and married a wonderful man... it seems that most of 2009 was spent preparing for that one day in October when I said "I do" and pledged my love and promised to stand with him through whatever life should throw at the time I am writing this blog we have been married for 2 months and 1 week. Many people have asked me over the past 2 months if it feels different or how does it feel to be married.. I always pause and have to consider how to answer these questions because the truth is it doesn't feel different.. James and I dated for almost 4 years before we got married and truth is it feels like he's been a part of my life forever... I can hardly remember what it was like before God brought us together... we just fit together and I think that's exactly the way it's supposed to be... a joining of 2 people who complement and complete each other. So on this eve of another year ending and another beginning I look forward to the journey James and I will travel and pray that each day will bring us closer to each and closer to God.
God Bless you all and Happy New Year!

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Lara said...

What a sweet post. It's so wonderful when it's right.