Sunday, February 7, 2010


I love looking at pictures! paintings! photographs! I am such a visual person that I can literally spend hours looking at pictures other people have taken. I love how a simple photo or painting can evoke an emotion. The peaceful view of a lake at sunset, the simple beauty of an old wooden fence, the joy on a child's face, the sense of love on the face of a parent... so much can be said with a simple photo... there's an old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words"... how true that is... a photo from a war torn country or the devastation done by a hurricane, fire or some other tragedy evokes sympathy and in many cases causes us to want to do something to help. A picture of an old wooden cross brings to mind Jesus and His sacrifice, a black and white photo of a rose reminds me of how fleeting beauty is, a quick snapshot of a newborn infant reminds me of how precious each moment of childhood is and these are just a sampling of emotions that are wrought by people who are talented enough to record these moments that are gone in an instant.

I know many people who God has gifted with the eye of finding beauty in the ordinary and of course the extraordinary. My friends Lara, David and Meagan are always taking photographs. They are a group of very talented people that I often find myself in awe of their gift of finding beauty no matter where they are. I myself take photos that sit around on my camera and they usually are downloaded to the computer where they sit forever waiting for me to do something with them. Several of my friends have taken on the challenge of posting a photo or photos every day for a year.... well I'm not that dedicated that I would post something every day for an entire year... one of my many faults is that I love to start projects but seldom finish them so I'm challenging myself to post 365 photos this year... not necessarily to post one a day but to use this venue to post pictures and photos that I love or that have some meaning to me... so without further ado here are a few photos to get started...
I didn't take the picture of the cross on the fence, but I love the utter simplicity found here... I found this photo at
Here's a photo of my precious niece at Christmas time!

I think that ought to do it for now as I have just looked at the clock on my computer and it's telling me it's 3:40 a.m.! Perhaps I should change the name of my blog to "The Late Night Blog!"

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